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St. Paul's Church of England Primary School

St. Paul's Church of England Primary School

Beech Class - Year 3/4

Beech Class is led by Mr Johnson and supported by team of fantastic teaching assistants. Whilst in Beech, we seek to challenge, support and inspire the children to achieve their best and create fond memories of their time at St Paul’s.  Throughout their time in Beech Class, the children will explore a wide range of topics such as World War Two, Africa, The Stone Age, Modern Europe and the Angelo Saxons.

What’s happening this term?

In English, we will be reading Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man.  The story consist of a village think that the Iron Man – a large metal man - is a monster causing unrest in the village. He has been eating every single piece of metal in sight. Furthermore, he has been destroying farms everywhere. They might all be right. But will he change from villain to hero when the real monster comes? Whilst studying the book, the children will be writing newspaper articles, diary entries, letters and, using green screens, create a television interview. Furthermore, Beech will also have the opportunity to create a class Iron Man in Design and Technology and be creating their own junk instruments in Music.

Throughout Maths this term, the children will be exploring measurements. This includes looking at Length, Area and Perimeter. Beech will be investigating this topic in real life contexts by comparing and calculating equivalent measurements around the school grounds. 

Our topic this term will be Modern Europe. The children will be exploring the amazing physical and human geography of Modern Europe. They will be developing skills in human and physical geography and further their historical and cultural knowledge of these countries as well.

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