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St. Paul's Church of England Primary School

St. Paul's Church of England Primary School

Our Governors

Critical but above all else supportive, this is the role of the governing body. Our governors understand that honesty and integrity underpin the guidance of our school. They are a team of dedicated volunteers working with our staff to provide all pupils with an outstanding education.

The Governing Body of St. Paul's Church of England Primary School comprises 9 governors in total.  The membership is made up as follows:

  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Headteacher Governor
  • 2 Co-opted Governors
  • 2 Foundation Governors
Role Name and Term of Office  Business Interests Financial Interests Governance Roles

Mr David Strachan

12.10.2018 - 31.07.2022

    Chair: Wilmington Grammar School for Boys
Vice Chair

Miss Rebecca Parker 

01.09.2017 - 01.09.2021

Ex-Officio Headteacher

Mr Ben Hulme


Teaching Staff

Mr William Ledger

01.02.2017 - 01.02.2020

Parent Governors

Mrs Jenni Hendrick

Mrs Nancy Wakeford

14.12.2018 - 14.12.2021


Ex-Officio Foundation Governor


Foundation Governor

Rev. Johnny Douglas



Mrs Lyn Moseley

14.07.2015 - 13.07.2019


Local Authority Governor

Miss Rebecca Parker

01.09.2017 - 01.09.2021

Co-opted Governor

Mr David Strachan


Associate Governor

John Turnbull


ICT Support   Sutton-at-Hone Primary School
Clerk to Governors Mrs Carol Thomas      

Resigned in the last year:

  • Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell: Resigned 12.10.2018
  • Mrs Laura Boswell: Resigned 15.03.2018

The Governing body has the following core strategic functions:

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
  • Meeting statutory duties

Ensuring accountability, by:

  • Appointing the Headteacher
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils by monitoring progress towards targets
  • Performance managing the Headteacher
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the performance management of staff
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Contributing to school self-evaluation

Ensuring financial probity, by:

  • Setting the budget
  • Monitoring spending against the budget
  • Ensuring value for money is obtained
  • Ensuring risks to the school organisation are managed